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"We blossom with the love from our children's little hearts at Little Blossom School"

Our daughter has been at LBEE since she was two months old. It was the
hardest thing we ever had to do. But we can honestly say that we were totally
impressed with LBEE from the start. Not to mention, my Aunt's two boys
attended for years previous. We know that our daughter is loved and getting
the best care possible. She has grown up so much and we are always
amazed at the things she hasn't learned from us! She is only two and knows
her alphabet, shapes and colors!  We can't express our gratitude to LBEE
enough! We love them all!                                     -parents, Lynn and Ron H.

My family feels extremely fortunate to be a part of the Little Blossom family.  
From the moment we stepped foot into the center we knew we found a loving
environment for our son.  The staff handles the responsibility that we entrust
to them when we drop off our son with the utmost professionalism and love.  I
have observed Mr. Jim and Mrs. Judy’s amazing ability to greet families at
the door in the morning, welcome each and every child by name (making
them feel extra special) and answer any questions that parents may have.  
For a while, I thought I was receiving special treatment, but I quickly realized
that ALL FAMILIES receive this genuinely warm and loving welcome in the
morning daily!  Thank you for creating and implementing a curriculum that is
developmentally appropriate and fun.  My Son comes home with really neat
projects and talks to us about them.  Most importantly thank you for the
peace of mind that you give my family while we are at work.  We know that
your entire staff fosters and guides each child to be the best person they can
be and love them as if they were their own.  Our family applauds your
commitment to the childcare profession!                                -parent, Kelly C.

After searching for nearly 2 months, and visiting 10 different day care
facilities, my husband and I were going to "settle" for a day care that was
nearby. Then, we visited Little Blossom. It was by complete accident I heard
about the facility, but we scheduled a visit and I just knew we couldn't leave
our son anywhere else. By only the grace of God, they had an opening for our
son at the exact moment we needed it.  I will admit, I was a nervous new
mom, leaving her 6 month old in the care of a stranger for 8 long hours. But
now, after 2 years, I can't imagine not being a part of the Little Blossom
family! Not only has our son developed amazing social skills, but he is well
advanced in language skills, cognitive development and fine motor skills. But
most importantly, he's happy! He looks forward to spending time with his
friends and teachers and happily recounts the day's event to us over dinner.
To say we found the "perfect" place is an understatement. Jim, Judy and
the entire team of teachers are completely dedicated to caring for and
nurturing the children in their care. It's obvious from the affection they are
shown by all of the children that their philosophy is working!
Soon, we will be send our second child to LIttle Blossom and have
encouraged numerous friends to visit the facility to find out what makes it so
special. All of the friends who visit have enrolled their children. There is no
comparison between any other early education facility and Little Blossom. If
we moved to another city, we would continue to bring our children to Little
Blossom, as in our mind their is no substitute. We thank God every day for
our friends at Little Blossom and the comfort, reassurance and care they
provide our children.                                          -parents, Laura and Erik A.
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