At Little Blossom Early Education, we have a
goal-directed program, and our sole purpose is to
provide a safe, healthful, educationally empowered
environment where children and their families can
blossom and grow to their full potential.
Little Blossom Mission Statement
The Little Blossom Story
Little Blossom Early Education
and School Age Fun Club
19245 Everett Lane
Mokena, Illinois
"We blossom with the love from our children's little hearts at Little Blossom School"
2 - Happy Birthday Mrs.Kathleen
9 - Happy Birthday Ms. Crystal
9/10 - Treasure Hunt Days

12- Parent-Teacher Conferences

23/24- Halloween Party Days
31- Happy Halloween-LBEE closing at
If not your scheduled day, you may bring
your child in for 9:30a.m., and stay for
the special events.
Tour Little Blossom online by clicking
the Little Blossom Story below!
Then call for a visit.